Hi, I’m Paul

In case you’re interested, I’m a bit of a romantic, married to my much better half Andrea – We got married on a beach in Montego Bay in Jamaica and I still think wow every time I see her!
Several years later and with 2 gorgeous daughters I found my passion for Photography, especially weddings. Quite a few weddings in and I can’t wait to document more joy, love and happiness. I have shot weddings all over the UK and for me its a big adventure. Keep em coming!


After a stressful career in IT, I now get to meet amazing new people and visit some amazing places all over the country. I am relatively relaxed, can smile and chat with the couple, their friends and family and that helps me to capture more natural, in the moment, images. I love the whole uniqueness of a wedding, the people and blending in with the crowd. I also believe a sense of humour is vital on such a happy day, lets hope the vicar doesn’t banish me to the back of the church!
I love getting to know my couples before their big day, during our chats and their included engagement shoot, which really helps them get used to me and my camera and the way I shoot. There is a rhythm to a wedding day that I love and I work hard to observe the quirks and moments of the venue and the people – after all, it’s all about the people isn’t it? It’s what I love most about weddings, the interactions, the emotions and the atmosphere.
I love to observe the people and their relationship with the couple. It really excites me to work the scene during the day and I always aim to capture the story by drawing out its uniqueness and personality. Also, during the portrait session it’s important to me that my couples feel relaxed and enjoy their own special moment just after getting married, so we’ll go for a quiet walk and you’ll just be into each other, no saying cheese, no forced posing, no looking at me unless I ask you to for a certain shot.


Paul Summerfield Photography 64 Kilworth Avenue Shenfield Essex CM15 8PT Tel: 01277 225842 Mob: 07515 719786


Paul Summerfield Photography is a contemporary wedding and portrait photographer covering weddings in London, Essex and the rest of the UK


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